Sexual Misconduct by Doctors

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Each patient should feel safe and sound when they see their doctors, physicians, and healthcare providers for medical attention. When a doctor chooses to take advantage of that feeling of safety and decides to sexually abuse their patients, they must be held accountable for their criminal deed. At The Law Offices of Thomas E. Rockett, we proudly extend our legal services to people who have been sexually abused or harassed by their doctors and now wish to seek monetary compensation for their hardship.

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Forms of Sexual Abuse by Doctors

Arguably the most frightful aspect of doctor sexual misconduct cases is that many patients do not know for certain that they have been sexually assaulted but only have a sinking suspicion. In recent news stories that have erupted due to doctor sexual misconduct scandals, it was revealed that many victims are completely unconscious while the harassment takes place. Similar reports also stated that many doctors who admitted to acts of sexual misconduct are still practicing today, receiving only “slaps on the wrist” as punishment from their employers and supervising medical boards.

Our dedication to our clients means giving everyone who comes to our door the excellent legal services they expect and deserve. We will be thorough in our investigation, doing all we can to locate and use evidence that benefits your case, even in situations where a doctor has taken deliberate steps to hide his or her deviancy. No matter how you have been sexually abused by your physician, we can help you seek financial restitution.

Some of the deviant acts some doctors have admitted to in recent stories include:

  1. Engaging in sexual intercourse with unconscious patients.
  2. Conducting unnecessary physical examinations with hands.
  3. Coercing or intimidating patients into sexual acts.
  4. Groping a patient who is half-conscious due to anesthesia.
  5. Requiring patients to disrobe needlessly.

Defend Your Body, Wellbeing & Those of Others

It is crucial that you speak up and seek legal recourse after you suspect you have been sexually abused by your doctor. Not only can you find peace of mind by earning financial compensation for your emotional trauma but you may also stop that doctor from committing such an act ever again. Allow our Irvine sexual abuse restitution lawyer be your legal advocate throughout your case by retaining our services today. Get started with a free case evaluation and get the answers you need.