TBI Caused by Car Accidents

Irvine Brain Injury Attorney

It is uncommon for a car accident victim not to suffer some sort of blow to their head at the point of impact. While many of these head injuries may seem minor – only a headache or soreness around the neck and shoulders – they must all be taken seriously. A traumatic brain injury (TBI) may have actually occurred, even if the collision happened at low-speeds and all safety features, such as seatbelts and airbags, were used correctly.

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Proper Compensation After a TBI

After a car accident, insurance companies will mostly be focused on how much money it is going to take to repair their vehicle. They can be offputtingly callous when it comes to actually caring about how much medical attention you are going to require to heal. In terms of a TBI, a full recovery might not even be an option, as brain injuries can usually only be contained, not treated.

When you file your claim, you should allow our Irvine brain injury attorney study all the evidence and reports related to your injury first. We will be sure to go over each detail again and again in an effort to not miss a thing. You will only be as comfortable as can be if you are granted the maximum recovery amount, and we will only be satisfied if you are. This means getting you monies not only for the here and the now but also for the rest of your life due to the permanence of a brain injury.

Compensation for your car accident and brain injury case should pay for:

  • Current medical and hospitalization bills
  • Lifelong therapy or rehabilitation costs
  • Adjustments necessary in your daily life
  • Emotional trauma from the event
  • Lessened standard of living due to debilitation
  • Speech or memory retraining sessions

Many people who have suffered a TBI after a car accident also find it impossible to return to their regular work duties. Employers may move you into a different position that is not as strenuous, hurting both your current income and your chances of promotion in the future. The liable party should also provide compensation to make up for these financial losses.

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