Federal Trucking Regulations

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Were you in a truck accident that you do not believe was your fault? A thorough investigation by our Irvine personal injury lawyer could reveal that the truck driver and their parent company ignored or violated federal trucking regulations, either intentionally or due to absentmindedness. If this can be proven in court, you could be entitled to a maximum amount of compensation for your damages with our law firm’s assistance. Start off your case today by requesting a free case evaluation.

When Regulations are Ignored, Danger is Created

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) exists solely to ensure that commercial truck drivers are behaving safely while on the road. If they find that a trucker, their manager, or the commercial trucking company has violated one of their safety regulations, they are quick to impose a heavy fine. This financial slap on the wrist does not directly benefit anyone hurt by the negligent trucker but it may be used as powerful evidence in your case that a violation did occur and that it did cause your injuries.

Four of the most important trucking regulations that are frequently violated include:

  1. Hours: Truck driver exhaustion is a serious problem from coast to coast in our country. When a commercial trucker is required to drive too many hours in a day, they get fatigued and are more likely to lose control of their vehicles. Despite the strict regulations in place regarding hours and schedules – including one that states a trucker’s workday should not exceed 14 hours with 11 hours of driving – this remains perhaps the most commonly violated federal regulation.
  2. Speed: A massive 18-wheeler is difficult to steer safely under ideal conditions due to its size and weight. If a trucker exceeds the speed limit – the one set for commercial trucks, not smaller vehicles – the physics behind the situation state that control will be even more difficult to maintain and that stopping will take even longer, leading to dangerous rear-end accidents.
  3. Cargo: A commercial truck cannot roll down the highway with freight that has not been properly loaded or secured. In particular, cargo must not make the total weight of the truck exceed 80,000 pounds. Going over this amount will add additional stress on brakes and axles, dramatically increasing the chance of a total vehicular failure and the minimum safe braking distance.
  4. HazMat: When hazardous materials (HazMat) needs to be transported, federal regulations are compounded almost exponentially. In addition to typical rules truckers need to follow, HazMat trucks generally can only be transported down certain stretches of highway during certain times of day. This is meant to reduce the number of affected people should an accident occur.

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