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Fighting for Justice and Fair Compensation

Were the victim of an accident or incident in Fullerton directly caused by someone else’s negligence? Do you worry that your personal injury will take you away from work and ultimately damage your financial wellbeing? At The Law Offices of Thomas E. Rockett, III, we believe that our Fullerton personal injury lawyer can help you find peace of mind and a fair settlement with as little stress upon your shoulders as possible.

We have handled a wide variety of personal injury cases in the past, including:

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Building Your Case with Personalized Attention

Even if the accident that caused your personal injury might seem straightforward, matters could become complicated if slight details are overlooked. To ensure that your claim is well-crafted and that you did not miss any crucial aspects of what happened, you should work with an experienced attorney. When you work with us, we can utilize and analyze all sorts of evidence on your behalf, from medical records and police reports to photographs and eyewitness testimonies. Ultimately, we want to push for a maximum recovery that leaves you wanting for nothing and recuperating in comfort.

High costs and fees associated with recovery include:

  • Medical care
  • Rehabilitation programs
  • Repair costs
  • Lost wages

Payment for the aforementioned damages might not be enough to set things straight. A devastating personal injury can also be emotionally scarring, so we can seek nominal damages that help pay for your mental trauma. Additionally, when the accountable party was acting careless, we can pursue punitive damages that punish them for their unacceptable behavior.

More than 25 Years of Helping the Injured

Clients deserve to feel respected by both the law and the lawyers who represent them. Our Fullerton personal injury attorney will keep closely in touch with you and consult with you whenever an important decision must be made. We want you to feel like we are by your side, no matter what is going on, so that you may rest and recover worry-free.

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