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Justice for the Wrongfully Injured in Orange County

Did someone else’s negligence in Yorba Linda directly cause you to suffer from a personal injury? Are you worried that your future stability might be at risk due to time spent away from work as you recover? At The Law Offices of Thomas E. Rockett, III, our Yorba Linda personal injury attorney has dedicated his profession to helping people in situations just like yours.

At our law firm, we are able to represent clients in all manners of personal injury cases, including:

Paying Close Attention to Detail to Build Your Case

Personal injury cases are so much more than the actual accident or incident that caused your physical suffering. In order to make your claims with confidence, you will need to be supported by an attorney that knows how to examine the evidence, wherever it may be found. Eyewitness statements, photographs of the scene, and even medical records can be analyzed by the professionals at our firm, all on your behalf. We want you to feel secure in knowing that we can do everything in our power to help you win maximum compensation for your injuries.

We push for a recovery that will help you pay for:

  • Initial and emergency medical care
  • Future rehabilitative treatments
  • Repair costs to any damaged property
  • Lost wages as you recover

In some cases, we can even help you pursue punitive damages that punish the offender for their negligence, and nominal damages that reward you for your emotional trauma. In the end, it all boils down to what is necessary for your comfort as you recover and cope, and how we can get it for you.

Strong Representation That Never Leaves You Hanging

In our 25+ years of helping clients deal with personal injury cases, we have heard countless stories of other lawyers who ignored their clients’ and ultimately left them feeling hopeless. We are committed to returning all phone calls in a prompt manner and responding to other forms of communication as quickly as can be. By treating you with the respect you deserve and working closely with you from start to finish, we believe any positive result, verdict, or settlement can be possible.

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