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Hit-and-run driver found 3.5 years later extradited to United States

On Behalf of | Nov 3, 2020 | Personal Injury |

When someone flees after hitting and killing another person, it’s very important that they are caught. They should be held responsible for their actions because the crash and person’s death likely affected many people.

When a driver flees after hitting someone, they can be charged for a hit-and-run. They may also end up facing a personal injury or wrongful death claim from the individual’s family. Even if they flee, they could be caught years later, like in this case.

According to the police in Whittier, a crash in 2017 took the life of a cyclist. The driver fled, and she has been missing for around three and a half years. She was just caught in Australia, according to news from Oct. 29, meaning that she can be tried in the United States and held responsible for her role in the death.

The cyclist that the driver allegedly hit was a 46-year-old man who was dragged around 500 to 800 feet as the driver fled. His body was found around two blocks away from the initial point of impact.

Not long after this crash, the woman who struck him left to live in Hong Kong. The police and FBI issued an international arrest warrant. When she moved to Australia, Australian law enforcement took her into custody and extradited her. She is now in California once again. It’s believed she’ll face hit-and-run charges as well as vehicular manslaughter charges.

Situations like this are terrible for the victims. Fortunately, law enforcement works hard to catch those who do wrong. If you have lost someone in a hit-and-run crash and the driver was arrested, you may be able to pursue a claim.