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In a pile-up on the roadway? Figuring out who is liable for the wreck can be hard

On Behalf of | Nov 13, 2020 | Personal Injury |

Multivehicle collisions are some of the worst. The people inside the vehicles are hit time and time again by forces from multiple angles. The body can only handle so much abuse, and the likelihood is that the injuries suffered will be much worse in a crash with more than two vehicles involved. 

There are some unique dangers in pileup crashes. Some of the reasons that you’re at a higher risk of injury or death are because:

  • There are multiple collisions, so the body has to absorb more force
  • There is a higher risk of vehicular damage and subsequent fires
  • Getting treatment may take longer since more of the roadway is likely to be blocked or damaged

After a pileup crash, another issue you may run into is what happens next. When you’re in a two-vehicle crash, you can usually figure out who’s to blame pretty easily. Then, that person is held accountable, either through an insurance or personal injury claim.

In a pileup crash, it’s not always as simple to know who is responsible. A vehicle that wasn’t involved in the crash might have made maneuvers that led to another driver taking evasive action and crashing into someone else, or multiple cars could have hit at the same time because of problems with traffic signals or sudden weather changes. 

Is it possible to determine fault when multiple vehicles are involved?

Trying to identify the fault in these collisions is harder, but it’s possible. Once it’s determined who was primarily responsible, then you and your attorney will be able to pursue a claim for compensation that will help support you as you work toward your recovery.