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How many fatal car accidents happen every year? 

On Behalf of | Dec 17, 2020 | Personal Injury |

There are hundreds of thousands of car accidents every year in the United States. The vast majority are minor, with no injuries and just damage to the cars. Some of these accidents even go unreported. 

However, there are also a staggering number of serious accidents, and the risks of driving are far greater than many people realize. To fully understand these risks, let’s take a look at the fatal accidents that happen annually. 

There’s been a general decline in fatal wrecks

Though you do have years where fatalities go up, there has been a general decline since statistics began being kept. Even so, more than 35,000 people tend to pass away in car accidents every year. In 2019, it was just below 39,000. Recent years had seen a spike that went up over 40,000, but the numbers now appear to be falling again. It will be very interesting to see what they look like for 2020 once the year has ended and those statistics are compiled. 

That said, these numbers are still massive. There are plenty of towns all over the country that don’t come close to having 40,000 residents. It’s easy to think of serious car accidents as something that happens to someone else, but the sheer number of lives lost tells a different story. This is something that touches many lives and can change families forever. 

When a negligent driver causes harm, hold them accountable

Have you gotten involved in an accident that caused the death of a loved one or left you with serious injuries? You may be able to seek financial compensation. While payment won’t change what has happened, it can help you better provide for your family and keep you on safe financial ground.