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Mistakes that could harm your California accident claim

| Apr 8, 2021 | Personal Injury |

Many Irvine motor vehicle accidents result in significant injuries that result in costly medical bills that can quickly become financially crippling. The financial strain that you find yourself under can worsen if you’re unable to work. For most, compensation acquired through insurance claims or personal injury lawsuits is the only way to address financial losses.

You may already know what to do in the aftermath of a motor vehicle accident. Examples include collecting crash evidence and acquiring experienced legal representation. However, there are also things you should avoid doing after a crash.

Admitting fault

Taking the blame for the crash, or even apologizing out of compassion, is a bad idea. The other motorist and their attorney may use the things you say in the wake of an accident against you during legal proceedings.

Making statements

Giving written or recorded statements to the other motorist or their insurance company can also harm your motor vehicle accident claim. You should have a firm understanding of the different parties in your case and the potential consequences of making statements before speaking with anyone about your accident.

Using social media

You may want to share your experience with your Internet friends and family. However, your status updates could compromise your claim, especially if your posts seem to minimize or contradict your injuries.

Failing to see a doctor

Even if your injuries do not seem to warrant a doctor or hospital visit, you will benefit from having a medical report defining your injuries. Insurance companies or the negligent driver need documentation of your injuries. They may deny your demands for reimbursement of medical bills and other accident-related expenses without these records.

Negotiating a settlement to your auto accident claim

The other driver and their insurer will always strive to protect their interests following a motor vehicle accident. You need a strong advocate when going up against them. Consider doing the same, especially when your finances and recovery are at risk.